We manage your daily administration in the following key areas, taking care of every detail ahead of time:

Personal Administration

Passports, permits, licences, births, marriages, deaths, banking, pensions, tax, vehicles, health, insurances, memberships

Family Administration

Creches, schools, childcare, insurances, health, activities

Household Administration

Service providers, contracts, insurances, utilities, telecoms

Some popular tasks…

  • Compile documentation required for annual tax declaration
  • Apply for a passport, permit, licence
  • Manage health insurance reimbursements
  • Make referrals and book medical appointments
  • Liaise with broker to control all personal and household insurances
  • Organise and negotiate quotes for work to be carried out
  • Organise a plumber or electrician to resolve a problem
  • Re-evaluate household contracts
  • Make applications for crèches, schools and activities for children
  • Find a more competitive mobile phone provider or SKY package
  • Handle the registration, importation and insurance of a car
  • Recommend and organise French classes and other activities
  • Handle the enrolment, cancellation of a gym or golf membership

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